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Test 1: Arab Muslim

2.I chose the Arab-Muslim because I could relate to it. To illustrate, I am an Arab Muslim girl. I never felt that I am biased towards Arab Muslims or that I have biases against people of other nationalities or religions. Thus, I wanted to see if this is true or I do have unconscious bias against other people. I believe that the test wouldn’t show that I am biased towards others, since I am really not.

4.The results suggested a moderate automatic preference for Arab Muslims over other people. Before the test, I thought that I’d never differentiate between Muslims or others; however, after the results I thought about it again and I feel that the results might be really true. The first thing that came to my mind is that whenever I am travelling to any foreign country I feel that I miss my country and its people. And whenever I see any Egyptian or Arab people I feel happy and safe. I feel that I got these results because I am unconsciously biased towards Arab Muslims, but I never noticed it even when I answered the question before taking the test I didn’t think that this might even be possible. However, after I got the results, I had second thoughts about it and it turned out to be true.

Test 2: Gender-Career

2.I chose the Gender-Career test because I am an Egyptian girl living in a society where gender inequality is deeply embedded in the society and minds of people. Most people in Egypt believe that women’s place is at the kitchen and they couldn’t work in men dominated fields. I feel like I am biased towards women in the working field. I believe that women are even more hard workers than men. Whenever there is a group project I prefer being with girls, since they do their tasks. However, when I am with boys in group projects, I end up doing their tasks, since they don’t do it.

4. The results suggested a moderate automatic association for Male with Career and Female with Family. I feel that the results aren’t accurate, since I am sure that I don’t associate males with Career and females with family. I am sure that I don’t have this bias because I believe that there shouldn’t be specific gender roles. Men and women can do and should do similar tasks. It should be normalized for men to take care of their family and do house chores and for Women to work and even work in men dominated fields. I believe I might get this result because I was doing it in a hurry, so I messed up the results, which apparently has a negative effect on my results. Also, I am not in a family that has set gender roles. My mother and father both work and take care of the family together. 

5. I honestly believe that the test isn’t valid. That being said, the testing process was complex because it mainly depended on memory to give a fast response. It isn’t based on facts. Furthermore, Hart Blanton and James Jaccard, psychology researchers, criticized the IAT test because they think that there is a lack of evidence of the link between test scores and real-world behavior. They also criticized it because it of its arbitrary scoring (Jones, 2018).


Jones, P. (2018, June 15). The rise, fall and rise of the Implicit Association Test. LinkedIn. Retrieved March 15, 2023, from 


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